ICOR Resolution

ICOR Resolution

Fight the global environmental catastrophe! Fight for the unity of humankind and nature in socialism!

We are experiencing a new quality of the transition to a global environmental catastrophe. The tremendous instability of the world climate, the droughts, forest fires, floods, the lack of clean water, the contamination of agricultural land by conventional mining, the threat to our health from environmental toxins, the world food crisis, the renewed expansion of fracking and nuclear power in the wake of the Ukraine war – all this has one cause: capitalism and imperialism.

Fight the global environmental catastrophe!  Fight for the unity of humankind and nature in socialism!

Imperialism is the biggest environmental destroyer with its ruthless exploitation of humans and nature, its drive for maximum profit, and its insatiable thirst for power. Imperialism means war, and they do not even shy away from a nuclear war to fight out their rivalry. Therefore, on this environmental day we very consciously fight against environmental destruction and imperialist war!

We do not confine our view to the threatening climate catastrophe, as bourgeois and petty-bourgeois politics do. We enlighten people about the pollution of the oceans, waste proliferation and the poisoning of the earth, the imperialist armament policy and preparation for nuclear war combined with the lies of the limited effect of tactical nuclear weapons or the unproblematic civilian use of nuclear power; we also direct attention to the advanced impairment of biodiversity, the ozone hole, the devastating death of forests… To narrow the view means to trivialize the dimension of the threat to the foundations of life. It is precisely the interaction of the various factors that gives rise to the life-threatening tipping points.

Humankind has long since created a level of productive forces and science that could make work, healthy nutrition, a healthy environment, education, housing, and participation in social and political life possible for all people – were it not for the tiny stratum of international monopoly capital that imposes its profit and power interests on the entire world. We have to discuss this strategically: only a world without capitalism and imperialism will save humankind and nature! The working class is also the leading force in the environmental struggle. It directly confronts those chiefly responsible for the environmental destruction – the international monopolies. We counter the decades-long reformist lie of the contradiction between environmental protection and struggle for jobs with the offensive of the workers, the youth, the women – the militant social movements for environmental protection and jobs!

We declare our will to hold decentralized actions simultaneously on 12 November 2022 in all ICOR countries and with the forces of the anti-imperialist and anti-fascist united front, and to put a militant face forward. Unified, fundamental slogans should be supplemented by the concrete demands in enterprises, of militant movements, and according to the concrete conditions. Decentralized means: in metropolises and environmental hotspots in the different countries but also, according to the possibilities, in town and country there. Suitable for actions are places where the catastrophic state of the natural environment is particularly visible: melting glaciers, drought areas, forest fire regions, places and regions with dramatic floods. Suitable also are actions directly at the seat of those responsible, at corporate headquarters, or at nuclear power plant sites, against their continued operation.

We are also considering holding the rallies as a tribunal where the people affected denounce those responsible. For example, the international miners' movement denounces the inhumane and environmentally degrading development of energy and raw materials policies.

We want to achieve a strong, widespread effect through protests, strikes and actions at companies, universities and schools, in the neighborhoods, on streets and squares.

At the same time ICOR organizes education, actions, and a rally on November 12 in Paris with international delegations of ICOR and forces of the “united front”. Paris is the place of the completely failed 2015 climate summit! As a major city with an international character it is ideally suited. The rally will start at 2 p.m. on Republic Square. Send representatives or even delegations, according to your possibilities! Send indictments!

The security situation in Egypt due to the fascist Sisi regime does not allow us to make a public militant appearance there. Therefore, we cannot go to the venue of COP 27.

Let's take our slogans to the workplaces, to the streets, neighborhoods, schools:

  • Active resistance against a threatening environmental catastrophe, against a Third World War, and against the shifting of the burdens of crisis and war onto the masses!
  • Immediate cessation of hostilities in Ukraine! Not a cent, not a man, not a woman for war and armaments!
  • Immediate shutdown of all nuclear power plants!
  • Ban and destruction of all weapons of mass destruction!
  • There is no socialism on a dead planet! The ICOR defends life and the socialist future!
  • Massive and immediate expansion of renewable energies!
  • No greenwashing of the bourgeois governments and even less of the fascist Sisi regime in Egypt! Release all political prisoners - in Egypt and everywhere! #FreeAlaa
  • Fight the neocolonial exploitation of Africa's wealth!
  • Socialism is the only solution for the sustainable unity of humankind and nature!

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